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The Iconic Rock


Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Plein Air Magazine, told me this place was “iconic” and what a treasure it was to paint. It’s at the VIC, at Paul Smith College, NY…Adirondack’s. This one is about 100 feet from the other one I posted yesterday with the stream. I had to go back to this location because it was so popular with the other artists that I couldn’t setup my pochade…but I was more than happy to go back!

On a side note: I was invited to the Publisher’s Invitational in the Adirondack’s, Paul Smith, NY, by Eric Rhoads. He plans these plein air trips once a year in beautiful locations. This year, I decided to travel up there from Texas in my RV. Most everyone, except 2, stayed in the dorms. But I stayed at the alumni campsite. There was no water, no sewer or no electric hook-ups. I am so thankful I had a generator because I had a freezer full of meat as I was traveling for 9 weeks.

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