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Keeses Mill Road 2


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Dimensions 12 × 0.25 × 9 in

I have never been one to repeat a painting, so to my surprise, once I was requested to paint this scene again, I agreed. One of the reasons being, the request was a compliment and two, I love this place sooo much that painting it again (but in my studio this time) brought back all the beautiful memories I have of it…here's my story!

June 2021, I visited Paul Smith College and actually drove my RV up there, staying in the alumni campground. Did I tell you it is very primative? LOL. That's an understatement. I am very glad I have a fully contained RV (just sayin'). In the mornings and evening on my way up to the college, I biked across this little pass or moat that leads out to the Lower Saint Regis Lake. Needless to say, it made an impact on me…that is why I drove back on this trip to see it again. It has been raining for about 3 or 4 days now, but luckily there is still a bit of fall color. I loved the misty effect that Mother Nature provided me with to paint. It was a very fulfilling day.

Framed: Yes

The artwork comes pre-wired on the back for hanging, signed on the front and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from the artist.

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