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Four Roses for The Bitter Housewife


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Dimensions 12 × 9 × .25 in
Canvas Type

Oil Primed Belgium Linen on Birch Panel





In honor of National Bourbon Day 2023.

The Bitter Housewife Brand Story: “What makes The Bitter Housewife, bitter?” Being told an Old Fashioned shouldn’t have a cherry in it. An eye roll because I ask for cheap bourbon and a perfect ice cube. Drinks shouldn’t have rules.

We’re here to let you off the hook and encourage you to embrace what you like. You can’t stand the taste of whiskey, there’s no shame in that. Prefer your wine in a juice glass? Me too! You don’t drink alcohol at all? We support that.

The Bitter Housewife was created for me and my whiskey-drinking friends. We don’t want to be talked down to and we don’t want to be told what we like isn’t “correct”. I don't believe cocktails should be intimidating or that you need a whole new vocabulary to talk about them. I believe in great taste, real ingredients, and fun. It is cocktails after all.

Let’s be bitterly honest." – Genevieve Brazelton, The Bitter Housewife

The fun little characters used in my painting are vintage from 1981, created by Roger Hargreaves for the Mr. Men and Little Misses series. The toys were once part of a beloved childhood tradition and will bring back a flood of memories.

Little Miss Scatterbrain is so forgetful! No wonder she has trouble with her daily chores.

Framed: Yes

The artwork comes pre-wired on the back for hanging, signed on the front and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity from the artist.

The artist retains all reproduction and copyrights.

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