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23 & me says I am 99.6% . . .

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Imagination! LOL..and only 47.5% Irish and English. Well, actually it said I was 99.6% European but what do they know!?!

I just returned from a two week holiday and painting trek thru Ireland. It was a wonderful time and an absolutely beautiful country. Very clean and very friendly people. You can tell they care about their country and are proud of it.

I was not used to the plush greenery nor the overcast and rainy days. It was also very windy making plein air painting almost hazardous. One of my favorite places was Kinsale. We stayed at the end of the bay and you had to call the main house to make sure no one was on the extremely small and tight roadway leading in and/or out before driving. The path is said to be on the top 10 list of most beautiful walks in Ireland. As I painted the beautiful bay on the veranda, the rain began moving in. Luckily the kitchenette had a huge window where I could finish my painting with the same view. The owner’s were curious about my paintings and asked if they could come over to see my work. They fell in love with the one I just finished and bought it. Still wet, no frame, no varnish but happy to be in it’s new home. It’s DNA is most certainly IRISH!

This country definitely made an impact on me and I will be painting many dreamscapes in the future from the cool castles I saw…many of which were abandoned and very mysterious. I’ll keep you updated on them, as I go. Have a good week!

dei gratia, Milessa

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Milessa Murphy Stewart

The best paintings create a story. My stories have happy endings.

Milessa was born a big city girl in a dry, desolate area of Texas where the only trees she saw were mesquite and the only things to climb was her horse. She remembers a lot of brown but that did not stop her from dreaming in beautiful, bold color. She paints in a playful and visual style.