Workin’ like a dog

Scottie Murphy_Milessa Murphy

Scottie Murphy, 14×20, Watercolor

If you are a “dog” in my family, then you are “royalty”.  To them I am not an artist, I am their personal chauffeur, cook and chambermaid!  They get home-cooked gourmet meals and fluffy beds of comfort.  They even go to the “salon” more often than I do for their hair and nails.  I sure love these special little people.

One of my daughter’s once told a prospective boyfriend that if they (the family) ever got to be of the status of our dogs…then they had it made!  And that “she” was still working on it!!!  LOL!  I’m so happy the kids have a sense of humor!

As the title suggests, though, I am working/painting a lot.  Getting ready for my solo art show and sale is a joyous but very time-consuming event.  My family (even the “royals”) don’t get much time with me during this phase but luckily they are very understanding and my biggest cheering squad.

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  • We are mere serfs at your service. Missy is the Queen Bee!

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