What would I paint if…

Collage, Private Collector

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Private Collector, By “Milessa”

…no one but me ever saw what I painted. Good question. Deep thoughts. Not easy to answer. Hard to explain…but will try! LOL!

I would imagine pretty much what I paint now but without hesitation. There is a lot of pressure to an artist if they MUST sell what they paint. They can over analyze and critique it to a death!  I get satisfaction from painting. I believe we were born to create, but why art for me? Why not beautiful landscapes, gardens or interior design?  The truth is, I create no matter what the canvas.  And that does include landscapes, gardens and interior design.  I have no filter that says “you can only create ON A CANVAS”!  For pete’s sake, even dressing for the day is creating something that pleases me.

Even a better question might be:  Would I be a better artist, if I had never seen any art at all…meaning in books, museums, or the internet?  That’s hard to know.  We live in a world where we can see it all.  From the chair in my studio, I can visit The Louvre, The Masters, The Modernists, The Contemporaries, take workshops or even get a college degree.  But the purpose to see these pieces of art is to have JOY in our lives.  Art creates feelings.  Good, bad or indifferent…but my JOY comes from seeing the JOY in others that come in contact with an original piece of mine.

I have written before on the dangers of not painting what you (the artist) wants but for selling to the “masses”.  William Reese, in his book The Painters Process, said this:

“Beware of the taste of the masses, they are for the most part untrained and all fickle. Most of those professing to know what art is have only been interested in art a short time and will be moving on to sail boating or something else shortly. Don’t paint down to their level. Paint over their heads and make them rise to the bait. Only a few will understand but they are who you are painting for. Chain restaurants have aimed their product at the masses and we all know what this has gotten us.”

I’m not saying we don’t want our “masses” to get us and buy!  I want to gain popularity, as an artist.  I want to gain recognition that comes from making many sells.  I want the viewer to get my story and/or meaning of what I have painted.  I don’t paint black canvases that you must sit in front of and supposedly get what I was feeling when I painted it. Being true to myself and following my soul, as an artist, may take me to unfamiliar and lonely roads.  However, I must go there for the discoveries I will make that ultimately help me create better.

Many years of experience, a lot of creative processing and experiments have gone into my art.  Color, composition and creativity (called the 3 C’s) isn’t a style and it’s not something that just happens.  It’s the process of making successful art!  Have you ever wondered why, even though you may not be an artist, you simply DO NOT like a piece…well, it’s usually because the piece is missing one of the 3 C’s.  Even without education in art, you will get it.  It’s something innate within our vision, our spirit, our soul.  Good art gives good feelings…bad art makes you uncomfortable.

Changing the subject now:  My next few blogs will be written from France.  I am taking a painting holiday to get away from current renovations at my studio.  I can’t afford the downtime as I am preparing for my solo art exhibit “Life:  Fitting the Pieces Together”…and will be working hard to create only MASTERPIECES that make you happy!!!

Love to all!



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