What??? Summer almost over!


Laguna, Watercolor, Not for sale

Wondering why I haven’t posted lately?  Well, it’s been a busy summer.  Late May we had a flood in our home from the neighbors infinity pool…yikes, this is a mess!  Then I’ve been in two different art shows.  One was “It’s All Abstract” and the other “Art Show 101”.  101 standing for the number of pieces and the number of artists.  Both shows were a lot of fun.

I haven’t been posting my recent works due to my promise of “new” works never before shown on my blog, facebook, twitter or instagram.  I do not like not sharing them with you but hey, you’ll get to see them all on November 28th at the Frisco Discovery and Art Center.

I have one piece that I just finished that is 60″…almost taller than I!  LOL!!!

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