“What kind of a painter are you?”

Night Prowler at Le Veiux

Night Prowler in Le Veiux

Tough question to answer, let alone decipher the REAL question being asked. My answer, however, is…I am a great painter!  But is the question: 1) do I paint in watercolor, acrylic or oil; or 2) do I paint landscapes, florals, portraits or abstracts; 3) am I a professional painter or a hobbyist or 4) am I any good? The only one I can answer easily is: I’m a PROFESSIONAL artist and I don’t paint houses or walls. LOL! (Though recently I painted the walls of my new gallery).

My subjects vary but my palette remains much the same.  They are bright and happier colors.   I do have favorite subjects, but as an artist, I would say I can paint ‘anything‘ it’s just that I don’t want to.  I paint in all mediums but my favorite lately is oil.

My style has developed into what I call “Dreamscapes”.  This is my play with humor (at times) and places I visit but with an impressionistic style.  I would call myself a “Modern Impressionist”…though most of my colleagues have called me a “Contemporary Visual” artist.  I don’t know about you but that title really doesn’t tell me much…rather “Modern Impressionist” does…so I’m going to call myself that for now. Your thoughts?

Until later my art friends!


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