YUPO, what the heck is that?


Sunflowers by milessa

YUPO gives visual artists an amazingly beautiful canvas to work with. Its smooth, bright white opaques and translucents give fine artists a medium that always does amazing things…all unique.  It is a synthetic, tree-free, waterproof paper.  Fun to create layer upon layers of color.  I used acrylic for this piece but many artists use watercolor.

I’m still experimenting with abstraction.  Many admirers of abstract think that the artist is “so intuitive” that they just plop down the color and paint and wah-lah…have a master piece.  Not so, it takes a lot of planning to get the right colors, shapes and composition “just-so” to keep the interest of the viewer alive.

Abstract art begins with a feeling or a purpose but usually takes on its own life after that, of course, with planning and help from the “brush-holder” LOL!  I find I either really love an abstract piece or really hate it…and it’s usually an immediate feeling I get.  I tell people that you don’t have to “be an artist” to know if art is good “compositionally”; you’ll know by the feelings you get from it if its composition works.

Here is another abstract I did this last week…beside it, one I painted years ago.  I can see a resemblance…can you
Abstract IrisIris 2
Betsy Dillard Stroud, a famous abstract artist, critiqued my abstract this week for me.  Here is a portion of her critique:  “Critique for Milessa Murphy by Betsy Dillard Stroud. This is an unexpected beauty, and by that—not that you wouldn’t do a beautiful painting, but in addition to being beautiful, it is so creative. I love the abstraction in it! Here are some other thoughts. You did a great job weaving the taped sections throughout the painting, and giving the piece so much intrigue by giving parts a “veiled” look==(i.e. in the left hand upper corner. You did not over stamp, but used your stamping as texture that related to the composition. You did no random stamping. Hurray! The whole painting is just sensational…

It was a joy to see this painting. I feel I know you better!!!! Terrific, Milessa. I hope you are very pleased with your painting. Betsy”

I am “pleased”, thank you Betsy Dillard Stroud 🙂


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