What is Your Favorite Color and What Does it Mean?

Finding Fall Color at Barrier Lake, Oil by Milessa

The meaning of color has changed over time. For instance, black used to be a clothing color worn only by the wealthy, but now it is worn by any social class. A person’s preference for color during modern times is very topic-specific. For instance, the most popular favorite color is blue, but that is not a popular color when choosing an automobile. In addition, colors have a range of values, hues, and chroma that dictate preference. A person may like a sunny yellow but not a mustard yellow. Then, there is the psychology of color, and this is where you may find meaning in your own favorite color.

The Meaning of Your Favorite Color
The psychology of color is something that has been used as a marketing tool for ages. Certain colors elicit certain emotions, and a strong inclination toward one color may indicate your preference for that type of emotion.
• Red: This color can represent love, anger, excitement, or power. It represents opposite ends of the spectrum of emotions with love and anger, and these emotions are exciting and powerful. If red is your favorite color, you may be a passionate person capable of expressing emotion.
• Blue: This is considered a masculine color, and as such, it is also associated with business and competence. It can also represent calmness and relaxation associated with the sky and sea. A person who loves blue loves peace and order. They like things to be organized and seek the positive results of structure and coordination.
• Yellow: One of the biggest meanings in the color yellow is happiness. It can also signify competence. Positivity and joy offer similar meanings in this color. A person who likes yellow desires happiness, and they are more apt to be able to experience it because of its prioritization.
• Green: There are two turns that the color green can take. The first is the road to money, greed, envy, and wealth. These can really be positive or negative because it can also be associated with success. The other turn is that of nature, and green can signify environmental consciousness and renewal. It seems that green as the color of money is becoming an antiquated thought, and the color of Earth-friendly endeavors seems more suitable to this color of life.
• Pink: This color is often associated with femininity, but it can also be sincerity. It is well-known for breast cancer awareness, but most people associate it with being female…although this trend is also fading. A man who wears or likes pink is considered strong and above sexual stereotypes.
• Purple: The color of royalty also symbolizes power and authority. It may also represent wisdom or mystery. Think of deep purple nights or the purple hue on a mystery set. Purple has a sense of the exotic, and a person who loves purple may have a desire for the rare and valuable.

What Does Your Favorite Color Mean?

The validity of meanings from color is not proven, and it is likely to be highly cultural and time sensitive. Therefore, it is more of a fun activity than anything else. Can you guess what my favorite color is?

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3 Responses to “What is Your Favorite Color and What Does it Mean?

  • I like order and peace but have a desire for wisdom and like the rare and valuable, so I guess my favorite color is a “purpulish blue” !

  • Where does WHITE land?

    • Hi Judith, that is a very interesting question and thank you for taking your time to email. In oils you don’t want to use too much white in your colors because it will dull or mute the color, so white is used to highlight sunshine or a glare on glass due to light. It’s used to capture the attention at that spot. It is a well-known fact that the eye is attracted to the lightest light next to the darkest dark. In watercolor, white is typically not used because it will muddy the painting, so the white of the paper is used for that effect. White is a clean, crisp and happy color. I believe those who study the psychology of color will say it means pure and innocent. I believe that too. I love the cleanliness of white, and as a matter of fact my car it white.

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