Understanding Abstract Art

Flying over the Canyon Waterhole, 40x30, Oil

Flying over the Canyon Waterhole, 40×30, Oil

I was recently told that I was a “real” impressionist artist.  Funny being told that because I feel it but never thought “why”.  It was explained to me something like this:  “For most of history, the primary purpose of painting had been to portray images, rather than to evoke feelings and emotions. Starting with the Post-Impressionists, however, the emphasis began to shift. For the first time, unconscious feelings began to find their way into mainstream art. What allowed this to happen was that the Impressionists had loosened the bonds, giving permission for painters to stray from their representational roots and become more abstract. ”

You may be thinking, why is this relevant to the painting I posted today.  Well, it’s kinda like this.  I get it.  I understand it and I feel it.  But because it is NOT an exact “copy” of what I was painting, the viewer may not totally “GET IT”.  (It’s an abstract view and colorization of a photo taken of a canyon waterhole.)  I say…it doesn’t matter to me if anyone else knows “exactly” what it is…I  hope that it makes you ponder, wonder, and bring about good vibes?  If so, that’s great…but honestly for me, painting for what the masses want can be somewhat dangerous…an artist just needs to paint what’s in their soul and heart and not worry about the rest.  If it sells great…if not, well it’s one of our “babies” and we will love it (or paint over it, LOL)!

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