Capturing the Imagination
Milessa Painting in VeniceOne of the great paradoxes in life is the difference between what is real and what is imagined, because our reality is skewed by our experience and perception. This very complex combination is what inspires my artwork. As a modern-impressionist, I may not be concerned with painting the details of realism but I am turned on by the meaning behind the colors, brushstrokes, and representation of light. I find this allows the imagination to interpret my content. It is this action of viewing my art that makes it magical; I’ll sacrifice ones vision of finer details to that of real life.

My art is based on observation, life’s recollections and the imagination. This has lent itself well to having two different genres and at times you will see I mix the two.  En plein air painting is an attempt to capture what I can see in-the-moment. It is an effort in capturing the light of the day and the essence of the atmosphere. In doing so, this type of impressionistic painting captures more visual reality and recollection. Nonetheless, its light spurs the imagination. This is what makes it so magical. I like to think that when I paint outdoors, I am channeling the work of some of the great Impressionist painters like Monet or Van Gogh.

My imaginative pieces are dreamlike, and they take bits of reality and morph into a happier, surreal story. With a twist of my brush or an unexpected color, I am able to take an otherwise realistic painting and make it other-worldly. There are humorous aspects to this process that make these pieces joyous, and each imaginative piece increases the happiness in my life and hopefully the lives of those who witness it.

Whether it is one of my studio or outdoor paintings, my artwork will stimulate your imagination. It will allow you to put yourself into a storyline of your own making. The reality of life is only as real as the people who are there to witness it. My artwork, on the other hand, allows for a reality that is drawn from the imagination and includes the emotional aspects of experience that make events larger than life. This is true whether they are meant to be factual or fictional.

Rest assured, each of my pieces is Fine Art, and the materials I use are archival and professional-grade. The authentic emotion and commitment I give to each painting to see it to its completion leaves each piece representing a portion of artistic soul. As I continue to grow and change with each passing day, my artwork grows and changes with me. I believe an artist should never stop learning.