The Art of Peter Max

Peter Max

Peter Max

Guess who is coming to town? Loved and talented Peter Max. I really admire this artist. He continues to work and show his art all over the world. At the young age of 80, I think we can all learn from his desire to live the creative life and be active!  Peter will be showing and selling his art at Beaudry Gallery from March 18th – March 26th.  I am really looking forward to meeting him.  As you may already know, Beaudry Gallery just signed me on as one of their Emerging Dallas Artists.

April 22nd the design district, where Beaudry is located, will have their annual “Dragon Walk” and guess whose art will be there!!!  No, not Peter’s, LOL!  I hear it’s a really fun night and the galleries on Dragon will all be open.  Stay tuned for more information regarding that event.  Beaudry Gallery is located at 1425 Dragon Street, Dallas, TX  75207 (214.880.0424)

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