Studying the Old Masters

Monet Study

Monet Study, Oil, 14 x 11

I love the art that was created by Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso.  It was a time when artists were a “family”…a community…and an interesting time of new creation.  “New” art is difficult in our era…it can be unique in that it is painted en plein aire or an abstract but a lot of art has the “bones” of the past.  Studying and recreating Old Masters works feel to me like I’m seeing and painting what they did…and it’s new to me.

You will see in the following paintings my renditions (or studies, one may say).  It teaches me new techniques, makes me investigate new colors and pigments, try new knives and/or brushes.  I only hope, someday, my style will transpose itself and name me a NEW Master…LOL!  I have been beating myself up until lately because I didn’t have a “distinct” style, until I learned that Picasso, like me, enjoyed painting in many different styles, too!  Hey, maybe the painting I did years ago for Lisa Curry name Milessa Picasso had some fore-telling of my future!

Oil, 11x14

Jackie Matisse, Oil, 11×14

Milessa Picasso

Milessa Picasso, Watercolor, Sold

40x40 Acrylic, NFS, Van Gogh Style
40×40 Acrylic, NFS, Van Gogh Style

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