Spring has Sprung!!!

Easter Reds, 9 x 12, Oil on Canvas Board

Easter Reds, 9 x 12, Oil on Canvas Board

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter.  Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and I was in West Texas for an exhibit.  It was a very interesting and “serendipitous” week…I will blog about that in a few weeks.

The tulips are in full bloom and painting them is so much fun!  Bright colors, sunshine, freshness!  Better catch them while you can because if a wind comes thru the blooms are somewhat fragile.  At the Dallas Arboretum, they plant tulips in variations of “pop”…that means some break the ground early, some in mid-season and then some in late-season.  I’m heading out there today to paint “en plein aire”.

The one’s painted here were at the Waterford Wellness Spa in San Angelo.  The reds were a true red and absolutely spectacular.  I love finding jewels like that in a “desert” type of town.

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  • Glad you’re able to get out and enjoy God’s glorious handiwork!

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