Sitting with my friend…

Branson, 12x12 watercolor on canvas

Branson, 12×12 watercolor on canvas

This week I am sitting with a friend while she has surgery so I am not at home to take photos of my art this week…sorry 🙁 But I do have some of my art on my iPad to post. It’s a watercolor. Most people think that watercolor is only on paper but there is a canvas specifically made for watercolor. It takes a lot of patience to paint on it because if it does not dry in between coats, it will simply wash away…and if you don’t like it, then just put it in a tub of water and scrub it off. After you do complete one, you must coat it with a sealant so that it stays in place. It’s a lot of fun for me. The colors remain bright and clear. Hope you think it’s a good one too! Milessa

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