Plein Air Painting at Arbor Hills

Walk in the Park, 14x11, Oil, Cotton Canvas Board, Framed

Walk in the Park, 14×11, Oil, Cotton Canvas Board, Framed

Plein Air painting they say is a “movement”.  I say plan on “movement” when you go Plein Air.  Last Friday, my group of artist friends went to the Arbor Hills Park and I think several had to tie their easel down because of the wind.  I, personally, got cold and had to keep stopping and go stand in the sunlight.  At that particular moment, I felt a little disconnected and unable to capture the wonderful feeling that I usually  experience when painting in nature.

Many plein air artists go back to their studio and finish or use them as a study.  I find it a challenge to “make it” work or just chunk it totally.  With this painting, I believe I captured THE MOMENT.

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