News, news and more news!

I am proud to announce that I will be represented by Beaudry Gallery in the Design District, Dallas, Texas.  I have been working hard painting and on projects this year.  With both casts removed from my hands and being able to paint and work, I’m a “happy” girl!  I am looking forward to working with Beaudry.  They have requested some “large” works.  You know how I love a challenge…so I’ve just purchased a large-scale painting easel to help me with that endeavour.  So far, I have a 60″x48″ calling me…LOL!

Another exciting tidbit is that Peter Max will be having a show at Beaudry.  I think his pieces will be there for two weeks.  You must definitely plan to go!  He is 80 years young and going strong.  His paintings are bright and energetic, just like mine.  You know my saying…”why paint ugly?  the world has enough of that on TV and the News!”

One last note, I was chosen “Best of Show” at the TVAA Gallery,  A Winter’s Tale, curator Jan Partin.  Thanks TVAA!

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