I did not realize Frisco has so many sculptures, statues and public art.  This place is amazing.  The culture and growth are superior.  Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Craig Hall, developer of Hall Office Park.  He is a collector of art (I’m hoping someday he will own a “milessa”).  Hall Office Park is to Frisco, like Bass is to Fort Worth and Nasher to Dallas!  As part of my year long project, I’ve been able to personally visit and get to know different outdoor art objects…by “know” I mean a personal relationship with the piece not it’s originator/artist.  Since these pieces are mainly outdoors, some of the public simply pass by them everyday on their way to work or to pay bills and don’t really think about them.  My objective here is three-fold 1.  It creates a years work/goal for me, which keeps my creative juices constantly flowing, 2.  Brings a warmth and personality to an object that to some may seem cold, 3.  Education (for me and the public).

I spend time with each of my subjects; looking carefully at what touches my soul and captures the spirit of color.  I don’t paint them “realistically”.  If I didn’t include the images I have taken of them, at times, you might not even know which sculpture/statue it was.  I would like to point out that I am NOT copying the other artist’s work…I am creatively painting elements of an object that excite me or making a “play” at what I think they are “doing”.  In other-words, I have transformed them into another life.  I do like to include the Name of the Art Piece, Date, and Artist that created the original piece to give them credit.  You will see what I mean at the upcoming Art Walk in October.

This weeks piece is a combination of two sculptures located in the Frisco City Hall’s park.  It depicts a man hanging off the front of a steam locomotive, cheering and waving his hat; along with another sculpture to the east of it.  The other sculpture is of a lady at a water pump.  In my painting, you only see her skirt flaring by the wind beside the water valve behind the man.  You have to look carefully to even know she is there and painted within him.  Who knows maybe at night when no one is around, they are lovers!  Combining sculptures into one artist rendition is exciting for me…as is this project!

See you next week!

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