Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

Bikini Bottoms, 12" x 16", Watercolor

Bikini Bottoms, 12″ x 16″, Watercolor

Ms Sassy Britches, 12x12, Poured Acrylic

Ms Sassy Britches, 12×12, Poured Acrylic

Painting in different genres and in different mediums has always been my mantra…it’s like cooking; I don’t just cook chicken strips and spaghetti all the time. I like to try new foods, new recipes, new cultures.

We all like comfort but for me, as an artist, I rarely will do the same thing over and over like Monet did in his “Wheat Stacks”. However, there are a few paintings where the subject has been the same but I change to another medium…one in realism and the other abstract.

Truthfully, I am “possessed” by this need to paint and create. I don’t like the word “possessed” or “addicted” but be as it may, I am what I am. When I start a painting, it is very personal. I don’t like sharing it with anyone. I rarely will show the process to my family until it is finished. Explaining an idea of what I plan to do with it during the creative process is like asking a baby to talk. I don’t always know until I do it and sometimes, when I do it, I don’t like it and change it…how can one explain something like that? I also have a need to get it finished. Stopping is hard, even to eat or drink. The only time I give myself a break is when I need an area to “rest” before layering another color on top.

On the idea of what Monet did, next year I have planned a project. I am going to call it “MMS Project 52”. I will paint one painting a week (hence 52) of a “subject”…the same kind of subject but not the same subject. Then the following year, I will do the same but choose another subject. I should have quite a collection to share in an exhibit on these projects and am quite excited to begin on Jan 1, 2016. Look for the hashtag #MMSProject52 starting the second week in January.

Here are a few more paintings similar but different.  Abstract is not my comfort zone but it seems everyone loves them when I do them!

Abstract Iris, Mixed Media

The Iris Puzzle, 16×12, Mixed Media

Iris 2, Sold

Iris 2, Sold

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