Galleries and Artists have a very tough time in today’s society to make a decent living. With the plethora of reproduction art (ie. Giclees, hand-painted art reproductions, etc.) original art has become “old school” for a lot of us. I, personally, paint only one-of-a-kind originals. As a collector, this has a great benefit to you.

Pricing: I get asked this question quite a bit “If I buy from you instead of the gallery, will I save some money”. So I would like to shed some light on how this works.

An artist working with a gallery has unique advantages. Galleries and studios rely on foot traffic to build their clientele; however, with the high costs of rent, electricity and advertising to contend with, along with paying their employees, their pricing of my art is structured demographically. Meaning a piece in Frisco, Texas, may not be priced the same as one in a tourist gallery in Santa Fe, NM. They may charge more for one of my original paintings than you may see at one of the shows I work around the country. There are advantages of buying it when you see it… like #1 It’s there, you can see it with your own eyes or even touch it/feel it (if they let you; it’s OK with me if you want to touch one of mine), #2 You are helping the local economy by supporting the gallery, and #3 Most important of all, you are helping ME to continue my craft which has taken years of hard work and sacrifice.

There is POWER in ORIGINAL artwork…

If you love reproductions and Giclees, I won’t hold it against you, LOL! But I personally, don’t. I feel that Giclee prints of my original paintings undermine the work and ultimately devalue the original. This is why I believe this to be true.

  1. First and foremost, it’s in the paint. A print will never have the beautiful effect an original does. Just walk around and never break eye contact with the painting…check out the brushstrokes or the sparkle from the slash of the palette knife and how they reflect whatever lighting is in the room in the most lustrous way. This brings a glow to the work that is undeniably unduplicatable. IF THIS IS NOT ENOUGH…read on!
  2. Reproductive art is saturating the market. Google Thomas Kinkade, if you want to further understand and read how this took the life out of an awesome artist. This kind of saturation makes it more difficult to sell an original, while taking away the integrity of owning an original work of art.
  3. As an artist, if I reproduce my art, my development as a painter will suffer because of the time I had to take with framing, inspecting, hand embellishing and selling them.
  4. Buying reproduction art creates difficulty for other emerging artists and peers. This is more subtle, but yet very real. An artist’s prices in today’s art world is largely, and ought to be, based on their “brand” or “reputation,” and more importantly, the demand for their work. Say you find an artist that you like and the prices of their originals are out of your budget, so you buy a print of their work (a fine giclee, printed off of a laser jet printer on a canvas size of your choice, framed and priced at budget for $2000.00). That’s all fine and dandy, but wouldn’t it have been better to seek out an emerging artist of equal and sometimes greater skill that doesn’t have the  brand or reputation (yet) and help them up the ladder!

So, as a painter of original paintings only, know that buying one helps me continue the path that God has chosen for me. He has blessed me with sight to which I can see gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, hands to hold a brush, strong legs to stand and a keen mind to paint the scene. I hold no grudges to others artistic paths and if they disagree with my beliefs, I won’t hold it against them…for we are kindred spirits.

I want to thank the following professional artists for their help in my development…Tom Lynch, Carl Dalio, Zoltan Szabo, Warren Taylor, Nancy Medina, Stefan Baumann, Eric Rhodes and a special shout-out to Joshua Been (whom I have never met but hope to; for his knowledge and wisdom in the arts, for developing some awesome plein air equipment and with some of the above mentioned statements…for he and I are simpatico in this belief). My education has come strictly from those before me…dei gratia!