From watercolor to oils

Dalio's Fruit, 20x16, Oil

Dalio’s Fruit, 20×16, Oil

In the ’90’s (boy does that date me…LOL!), I met a famous watercolor artist, Carl Dalio.  He was giving a demo for the San Antonio Watercolor Society.  His watercolors were absolutely brilliant in color…very clean, very crisp with a hint of an unusual color in the midst.  I liked his technique.  I tried something from what I saw him do, only with oils.  I think it makes this piece because before I actually went that one step further, it was nice but nothing great!

In reading about the masters and famous American artists of the early 1900’s, one idea continually comes to mind…take “your” brush and go for it “artistically” don’t play it safe!  If its a screw up, then lesson learned!

Below you will see a watercolor I did after I went to the San Antonio Watercolor Society demo.  This painting was “accepted” into their signature juried show…it was an honor.

Delight_Milessa Murphy

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