the art of music gala

Wow, what a great time! This year’s theme was “Welcome to Wonderland”, and included spectacular performances, incredible works of art, delicious food and a live auction benefiting The Warren Center. One of four featured artists for the event, Milessa Murphy Stewart from Art by milessa was matched up with Ryan Berg , singer and songwriter. His song, was her inspiration for the 4 x 5 foot oil painting titled, Little Girl You Will Grow.

Here is her story…Alice (in Wonderland) is an adventurous little girl and a guest of the “mad” tea-party to which she is late, late for a very important date! The cute little girl in her sunflower dress sits in a bed of colorful flowers when one of the butterflies asks her “So where are we going my dear? Because obviously I’m not seeing things so clear. Let’s head west where those clouds are so distant, yeah. Later we’ll look back and think we could have missed it, and look each other in the eyes to say I’m glad we did this.” But knowing she can’t fly, the butterfly sweetly tells her, don’t worry…”just know my little girl you will grow”.

Ryan Berg is from Dallas, as well.