Does your Mother deserve the best?

Tahoe Poppies, 12x16, Oil

Tahoe Poppies, 12×16, Oil

All mother’s like getting flowers for Mother’s Day but they don’t like it that they “die”, so instead of giving her the same old thing you do every year give her a different kind of flower…an original painting (by “milessa”) that she can look at and remember how special she is and you made her feel.  She deserves it!  And really not much more than a nice bouquet costs but lasts forever!

Mother’s put up with a lot of “stuff” (putting it nicely) and they still love us.  They are the ones that hold us, mold us and scold us!  They are our “apple pie”.   My mother passed onto heaven around Mother’s Day seven years ago and it’s painful not having her.  I am lucky that I have a Mother-in-Law, though, that I love dearly.  Her and I have a lot in common, LOL…not just in the admiration and love we both share of the son she raised but our thoughts on the world as a whole.

I, too, am a Mother.  I have three very unique, loving, successful (oh, and did I mention beautiful) daughters. They give me strength when I am down (even when they don’t know it).  Their love fills my heart just thinking about them.  I cherish the past moments and memories I shared with them.

So you see, my art is a reflection of my life!  It’s personal, it’s emotional…it’s one-of-a-kind…it’s original and very colorful.  I thank my family for giving me love and encouragement to fulfill my artistic dreams because I am happiest when I am painting!

One last note…many don’t realize that I include shipping to anyone in the USA and that I will guarantee satisfaction or you can get your money back!

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