Diaper Alley (Dallas Arboretum)

Diaper Alley, 14x11, Oil

Diaper Alley, 14×11, Oil

Tulips, spring color, painting, good food…does life get any better than this!  Maybe.  My lunch that day consisted of a can of potted meat, LOL!  I was so busy painting that food was the last thing on my mind. Most of the time when I am painting outdoors (en plein air) I have to finish in my studio.  Light and cast shadows are forever changing so getting in the essence of the moment is what counts.

We are lucky in today’s world.  We have iPhones that will help us capture a quick moment in time.  It’s certainly made it easier for me to recapture the “moment” a bit later when I need the help.  But what the iPhone and most any camera does NOT do is capture the true color of nature, the smells and the joy of the outdoor experience.  Most of you don’t know, it’s a hassle to lug all that paint gear around, to walk for a mile to find the ONE place that moves you…but in the end, it’s worth it.  And what makes it even more worth it is when you get recognition from your peers or when the piece sells.

Nothing is more of a Debbie-downer for me that to go to a nice home and see pictures (I say “pictures” not paintings) from IKEA, Hobby Lobby or some factory from China!  I’m not saying you need to buy ALL my art (though you’d be my next BFF if you did) but at least support your local art community, go to the Art Fairs and have something that is meaningful from an artist that you can get to know.  You will be happy you did!

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