Daylight Savings Time!

Under the Tuscan Sun, 60x20, Oil by "milessa"

Under the Tuscan Sun, 60×20, Oil by “milessa”

Another season full of holidays and family fun are past us since the time “fell-back” and now it’s “springy-forward”.  Springing forward??? shoot, I don’t want time to go any faster!  I really don’t understand it because as a child I thought time was slooooow.  I can’t get enough done in a day, now, to satisfy my spirit.  You’re asking what can’t you get done???…well, I can’t paint enough due to sleeping, eating, and chores…you know, stuff, life!  But when I sleep, I dream of painting.  When I eat, I day-dream of painting, and when I do my chores, in my mind I am preparing my canvas.  My hope is to paint as many canvases as I possible can until I can’t hold a paint brush any longer…then when it’s my time (not daylight savings time…LOL!), I hope the dear Lord will let me paint sunrises and sunsets!  Until then, I will practice for him.

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