WHAT…just walking my puppy!

Carnival Walk

Carnival Walk by milessa

About a year and a half ago, Larry and I, Niki Gulley and her husband Scott Williams went to Venice, Italy for Carnival…to paint, take photos,  eat and be “merry”. It was so much fun. I loved “plein aire” painting in the streets and canals with the gondolas coming in right beside you singing.  So much culture all around me. It was a bucket list, dream-come-true, trip! Larry captured this lovely lady with his camera and I turned her into my “version”…hope you like her!  I am entering her in a competition…and she is SOLD!



2 Responses to “WHAT…just walking my puppy!

  • This is my favorite of your recent paintings because it’s so different from much of your work- and I know the origin! You really captured the essence of Carnival in Venice with this one.

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