I can’t believe it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time!

Grass Root, 12×16; Oil;Framed

My how time flies!  Many of you don’t know that I raise my grandson.  He is 7 years old and his name is Ashton.  He and his POPO are best buddies and you can see some of my humorous paintings about them in my Dreamscapes.  He starts the first grade soon and is very excited.  Ashton loves to come and give me advice on my paintings and tell me if they need something.  He is quite the little artist himself.  He paints and draws daily, just like his MIMI.

You may have noticed my Dreamscapes can be funny but other times more serious.  It’s my ying and my yang!  But what I want you will feel is “happy”.  I believe the world is already too full of sadness and tragedy…so why would I want to paint that.  Like I say “I dream while I am awake and paint in my sleep”!  I want to create a world full of enthusiasm and energy, happiness and joy.

So, as our children begin the school year, may each of you stop and enjoy the moment because if you don’t, the time will pass so quickly you will have wished you had!  Happy BACK TO SCHOOL time!

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