Breaking News!!!

For My Angel In Heaven, 12x12, Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Milessa

For My Angel In Heaven, 12×12, Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Milessa

I am very happy to announce that my solo art exhibit date and venue has been finalized.  Mark your calendar for November 28, 2015, at the Frisco Discovery Art Center.  Along with that, I plan on benefiting the Children’s Advocacy Center in Collin County.   I would love to hear from you so that I can place you on the invitation list.

I have promised that I will have NEW pieces, therefore, I won’t even be “showing” them here on my website/blog…man, that’s a tough one, too.  I love giving everyone a glimpse at what I am doing but it’s going to be like Christmas.  A big SURPRISE!!!  Believe me when I say…I am working overtime and very hard!

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  • Let me just add that – yes, your working incredibly hard on this show and are producing some beautiful works. Its going to be a great event! So proud of what your accomplishing with your work.

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