Clouds 1, 56x24 Triptych, Oil


What is a Triptych? It is a work of art divided into “thirds”. This painting and another, in champagne tones, was a request by a friend of mine…Gigi!  She said she just loves starring into clouds.  Me, too!  LOL.  I remember as a child laying on my back and trying to see faces or images
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Back to watercolor

Walking along the canal in Venice one morning, I spotted a girl feeding pigeons.  The shadows that were cast from the morning sun were so pretty that I wanted to capture the moment in watercolor. Watercolor has a flow about it and freedom that excites me.  For some reason I feel more in control using it than I
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Carnival Walk, Sold

WHAT…just walking my puppy!

About a year and a half ago, Larry and I, Niki Gulley and her husband Scott Williams went to Venice, Italy for Carnival…to paint, take photos,  eat and be “merry”. It was so much fun. I loved “plein aire” painting in the streets and canals with the gondolas coming in right beside you singing.  So much
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YUPO, what the heck is that?

YUPO gives visual artists an amazingly beautiful canvas to work with. Its smooth, bright white opaques and translucents give fine artists a medium that always does amazing things…all unique.  It is a synthetic, tree-free, waterproof paper.  Fun to create layer upon layers of color.  I used acrylic for this piece but many artists use watercolor.
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The Heat, Sold


I am exploring the possibilities of abstract and acrylic.  I wouldn’t say acrylic is a favorite…I actually struggle with it.  It is not as free-flowing and fun as watercolor.  It takes awhile to get it’s personality down but I am enjoying the process of the adventure.  Let’s see if some good “works” come from it…


Water, water-falling, water-flowing, streams, rivers, the ocean…all bring a bit of calmness.  I needed that calm this week.  I have been painting a lot in different mediums, which can be difficult changing from one to the other, like going from speaking and thinking in English and then changing back and forth to Italian.  Oh brother…mind
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St. Catherine of Siena, 24x18, Oil, SoldSt Catherine of Siena, Private Collection at Mt. Carmel Monastery

More about St. Catherine of Siena

In my last post, I gave a little history on the saint that I am painting, St. Catherine of Siena, but there is a lot more to her story.  She was born in Siena, Italy, during the black death era.  She was one of 25 children borne to the same mother, of which 13 survived.  She
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It’s not “newsday tuesday” yet?

So I just got this new app today to test my blogging of “newsday tuesday” while on the road or away from my studio. Hopefully this works great and I can add images and respond…and be creative! In my last blog, I promised to work on something spiritual…so I am painting St. Catherine of Siena
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Tuscan Study, 9x12, Oil

Wishing I were in Tuscany

My friend and artist, Niki Gulley has been in France and Italy conducting Art Treks this summer.  She did a painting on location similar to this, so I decided to pretend I was there, as well.  I felt like I was part of the group!  I painted this on a 9 x 12 oil canvas panel
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Backroad to Siena, 40x40 Acrylic

My Van Gogh!

While in Italy before my wedding, we took a road trip around Tuscany.  The scenery is breathtaking.  I couldn’t get enough of it!  Stopping along the way to take pictures became a challenge on some of the very small country roads but well worth it in the end.  I painted this just the other day from one
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