Spring Break

Burrr, it’s still cold!

One of my daughters lives in Boston (Cambridge to be exact) and their snowfall this winter has been one of the worst in history.  Here in Dallas, we have had the mildest winter with only a small dusting.  I do love the snow, so being able to paint it helps make my winter seem like
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Winter Slopes

Winter Blasts!

With all the snow and winter storms, I wanted to show you a watercolor I painted on canvas.  Painting a watercolor on canvas takes a lot of patience.  The color simply floats on top until all the moisture has evaporated and the color settled.  If I didn’t like it, I could just put it into
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On Golden Pond, Sold

On Golden Pond

Did you ever see the movie “On Golden Pond”? It starred Jane Fonda with her father, Henry Fonda. It’s a classic!  This painting is considered a “classic” style.  It’s good for me to bounce back and forth from this style to abstract to keep me alert and fresh.  I like to keep the audience wondering
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Lava in Motion


Life flows, rivers flow, lava flows…each is a “motion” or in Life an “emotion”. Bringing emotion into my art is important; color too! I am called a colorist! I push color to their limit! I have enjoyed painting large formats this month in preparation for my solo art exhibit later this year.  Plan on seeing a little
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The Rage

It’s cold outside but this painting is HOT!

This morning it was 37 degrees and huge snowflakes were falling?!?  Luckily, I have a roaring fire keeping me warm but in this abstract oil I did yesterday, the roaring fire was really hot!  The subject was inspired by a “challenge” from my friend, Lanette Scherr.  She also threw another one out for me…next is “LAVA”.   Stay tuned!

From watercolor to oils

In the ’90’s (boy does that date me…LOL!), I met a famous watercolor artist, Carl Dalio.  He was giving a demo for the San Antonio Watercolor Society.  His watercolors were absolutely brilliant in color…very clean, very crisp with a hint of an unusual color in the midst.  I liked his technique.  I tried something from what I
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Mother of Pearls, 30x40, Oil

Art friends, critiques, challenges…

My friend and fellow artist, Lanette Scherr and I challenge each other from time to time with like art projects.  This is a way of motivating the other.  Its all in fun.  She recently challenged me to an abalone…this is my version.  I can’t wait to see hers.  She is a great abstract artist. Critique’s can be
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The year is about over but the memories are not!

As you can see I have been visiting other countries during the holidays.  And burrrr, it was cold!  Hungry, Austria and Germany.  The Christmas Market Festivals are marvelous.  I loved visiting with the artisans and sharing stories! Now it is time to get busy!  I have a solo art exhibit scheduled this coming year “2015”! I’m
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Monet Study, Sold

Studying the Old Masters

I love the art that was created by Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso.  It was a time when artists were a “family”…a community…and an interesting time of new creation.  “New” art is difficult in our era…it can be unique in that it is painted en plein aire or an abstract but a lot of art
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St. Catherine of Siena, 24x18, Oil, SoldSt Catherine of Siena, Private Collection at Mt. Carmel Monastery

St. Catherine in her new home!

St. Catherine of Siena has a new home.  She now resides at the Mount Carmel Hermitage.  Father Fabian is in charge of this hermitage and will be celebrating 25 years there soon…he is an inspiration! Thirteen (13) years ago, I was commissioned to paint the icons for their alter and they were dedicated on “Father’s Day”
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