Busy Weekend Ahead

  MMS Project 52:2 has just been finished, thank goodness because this weekend is ARTOPIA!  I will probably be the oldest artist there, LOL!  But hey, an artist’s soul has no age.  So it be.  I will be painting live…a nude, but she doesn’t really show any private parts…it will be fun!  I hope to
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First Week of MMS Project 52!

I’ve been planning this project for over a year…and the first week is exciting!  For those that don’t know about it, let me explain.  MMS Project 52 will be a painting a week of a sculpture.  It may be abstracted, photo realism, surreal or impressionistic. I started my weekly project with the beautiful and very large red sculpture right off the Dallas
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Artopia 2016

6th Annual Artopia

Yeah!  I was chosen to be an exhibiting artist at ARTOPIA!  Saturday, January 16, 2016 from 8PM-11PM at Centennial Hall at Fair Park. Artopia is a celebration of Dallas Culture & Art that incorporates food, drink, art, music and fashion into one evening. This one-night fete celebrates the exciting, vibrant Cultural scene in Dallas. It’s
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Exhibit; Life: Putting the Pieces Together

Thanksgiving, Exhibit, Christmas…now New Year!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve was so busy getting ready for my exhibit at the Frisco Discovery Center that time got a way from me.  My show was on November 28th and was very successful.  A portion of my proceeds was to benefit a charity.  I am happy to announce $2,500.00 dollars
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The Count Down Begins!

It’s ONE MONTH and counting down until my solo art exhibit at the Frisco Discovery Center.  It’s been a year that has rushed by so fast!  I have painted up a storm and haven’t been posting them because I want the exhibit to be like Christmas.  I’m like Momma Bear waiting for all her cubs
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“What kind of a painter are you?”

Tough question to answer, let alone decipher the REAL question being asked. My answer, however, is…I am a great painter!  But is the question: 1) do I paint in watercolor, acrylic or oil; or 2) do I paint landscapes, florals, portraits or abstracts; 3) am I a professional painter or a hobbyist or 4) am
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Gallery Three…we call her “G3”

Every artists’ dream is to have their own gallery.  Well, I am proud to say…I DO!!!  I have partnered with two other great artists, Robb Conover and Darek Sanchez, to open a fine arts gallery in Oak Lawn/Bishop Arts Area/Historic Winnetka Heights.  Our styles are very unique of one another, as are our personalities but
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Graduation, Sold

What would I paint if…

…no one but me ever saw what I painted. Good question. Deep thoughts. Not easy to answer. Hard to explain…but will try! LOL! I would imagine pretty much what I paint now but without hesitation. There is a lot of pressure to an artist if they MUST sell what they paint. They can over analyze
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Ms Sassy Britches, 12x12, Poured Acrylic

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

Painting in different genres and in different mediums has always been my mantra…it’s like cooking; I don’t just cook chicken strips and spaghetti all the time. I like to try new foods, new recipes, new cultures. We all like comfort but for me, as an artist, I rarely will do the same thing over and
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What??? Summer almost over!

Wondering why I haven’t posted lately?  Well, it’s been a busy summer.  Late May we had a flood in our home from the neighbors infinity pool…yikes, this is a mess!  Then I’ve been in two different art shows.  One was “It’s All Abstract” and the other “Art Show 101”.  101 standing for the number of
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