Artopia 2016

6th Annual Artopia

Yeah!  I was chosen to be an exhibiting artist at ARTOPIA!  Saturday, January 16, 2016 from 8PM-11PM at Centennial Hall at Fair Park. Artopia is a celebration of Dallas Culture & Art that incorporates food, drink, art, music and fashion into one evening. This one-night fete celebrates the exciting, vibrant Cultural scene in Dallas. It’s
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Exhibit; Life: Putting the Pieces Together

Thanksgiving, Exhibit, Christmas…now New Year!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve was so busy getting ready for my exhibit at the Frisco Discovery Center that time got a way from me.  My show was on November 28th and was very successful.  A portion of my proceeds was to benefit a charity.  I am happy to announce $2,500.00 dollars
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The Count Down Begins!

It’s ONE MONTH and counting down until my solo art exhibit at the Frisco Discovery Center.  It’s been a year that has rushed by so fast!  I have painted up a storm and haven’t been posting them because I want the exhibit to be like Christmas.  I’m like Momma Bear waiting for all her cubs
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“What kind of a painter are you?”

Tough question to answer, let alone decipher the REAL question being asked. My answer, however, is…I am a great painter!  But is the question: 1) do I paint in watercolor, acrylic or oil; or 2) do I paint landscapes, florals, portraits or abstracts; 3) am I a professional painter or a hobbyist or 4) am
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Gallery Three…we call her “G3”

Every artists’ dream is to have their own gallery.  Well, I am proud to say…I DO!!!  I have partnered with two other great artists, Robb Conover and Darek Sanchez, to open a fine arts gallery in Oak Lawn/Bishop Arts Area/Historic Winnetka Heights.  Our styles are very unique of one another, as are our personalities but
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Graduation, Sold

What would I paint if…

…no one but me ever saw what I painted. Good question. Deep thoughts. Not easy to answer. Hard to explain…but will try! LOL! I would imagine pretty much what I paint now but without hesitation. There is a lot of pressure to an artist if they MUST sell what they paint. They can over analyze
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Ms Sassy Britches, 12x12, Poured Acrylic

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

Painting in different genres and in different mediums has always been my mantra…it’s like cooking; I don’t just cook chicken strips and spaghetti all the time. I like to try new foods, new recipes, new cultures. We all like comfort but for me, as an artist, I rarely will do the same thing over and
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What??? Summer almost over!

Wondering why I haven’t posted lately?  Well, it’s been a busy summer.  Late May we had a flood in our home from the neighbors infinity pool…yikes, this is a mess!  Then I’ve been in two different art shows.  One was “It’s All Abstract” and the other “Art Show 101”.  101 standing for the number of
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Scottie Murphy, Private Collection, Sold

Workin’ like a dog

If you are a “dog” in my family, then you are “royalty”.  To them I am not an artist, I am their personal chauffeur, cook and chambermaid!  They get home-cooked gourmet meals and fluffy beds of comfort.  They even go to the “salon” more often than I do for their hair and nails.  I sure love these special little
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Happiness in a Jar, 12x12, Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by MilessaHappiness in a Jar, 12x12, Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Milessa

Breaking News!!!

I am very happy to announce that my solo art exhibit date and venue has been finalized.  Mark your calendar for November 28, 2015, at the Frisco Discovery Art Center.  Along with that, I plan on benefiting the Children’s Advocacy Center in Collin County.   I would love to hear from you so that I can place you on the invitation list. I
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