Walk in the Park

Plein Air Painting at Arbor Hills

Plein Air painting they say is a “movement”.  I say plan on “movement” when you go Plein Air.  Last Friday, my group of artist friends went to the Arbor Hills Park and I think several had to tie their easel down because of the wind.  I, personally, got cold and had to keep stopping and
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Peter Max

The Art of Peter Max

Guess who is coming to town? Loved and talented Peter Max. I really admire this artist. He continues to work and show his art all over the world. At the young age of 80, I think we can all learn from his desire to live the creative life and be active!  Peter will be showing
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Winter Blast, NFS

News, news and more news!

I am proud to announce that I will be represented by Beaudry Gallery in the Design District, Dallas, Texas.  I have been working hard painting and on projects this year.  With both casts removed from my hands and being able to paint and work, I’m a “happy” girl!  I am looking forward to working with
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Quiet Nite, 11x14, Oil, Framed

Off to a good start!

Well, last year is over (thank goodness, LOL) and boy was it a busy year.  But, it appears this year maybe even busier!  Already a couple of exciting events have happened or are in the works. I was featured in The Frisco Community Impact newspaper/magazine; Volume 4, Issue 6; January 13-Feb 7, 2017; Artist’s Corner
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Buneary, Lopunny…WHAT?

As I wandered around Frisco last week searching for my next sculpture to paint for the #MMSProject52, I ran across groups of people all focused on their phones but walking around foolishly.  Then it dawned on me what it was…POKEMON GO…they were looking for SQUIRTELS, BULBASAURS, CHARMANDERS and maybe even a BUNEARY! What’s all this
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Doodles, scribbles and scumbles!

Doodles, scribbles and scumbles, oh my! The beautiful red sculpture is the project for #MMSProject52 this week. I used a black background to make the red POP! I like that the #HallOfficePark has placed bright yellow umbrellas with tables and chairs for the public to sit and enjoy these lovely pieces of art! This is
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Remember When?

I remember when I used “film” in my camera and had to roll it out very carefully, ship it off to a darkroom to be processed or developed…do you remember those days?  I loved seeing views of what the darkroom looked like as it developed a negative.  The colors were quite different than the actual
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#MMSProject52 week WHAT???

My PROJECT #MMSProject52 is coming along…great!!!  My how time is flying by.   I haven’t even had time to blog because I’m really wrapped up with it!   You know, I love surprises and surprising.  Check out this one that I am working on!  Don’t judge me TOO harshly, yet, it’s not finished! Update:  my
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I did not realize Frisco has so many sculptures, statues and public art.  This place is amazing.  The culture and growth are superior.  Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Craig Hall, developer of Hall Office Park.  He is a collector of art (I’m hoping someday he will own a “milessa”).  Hall Office Park
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Frisco Arts Kickoff Party

  Frisco Arts held a cocktail party to kick off their 20th anniversary.  It was hosted by Craig Hall at Hall Office Park, and guests included 3 Frisco mayors, councilmen, city leaders, original Frisco Arts board members…along with MMS and hubbs! Many of you know that I began a project at the beginning of the
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