Doodles, scribbles and scumbles!

Doodles, scribbles and scumbles, oh my! The beautiful red sculpture is the project for #MMSProject52 this week. I used a black background to make the red POP! I like that the #HallOfficePark has placed bright yellow umbrellas with tables and chairs for the public to sit and enjoy these lovely pieces of art! This is
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Remember When?

I remember when I used “film” in my camera and had to roll it out very carefully, ship it off to a darkroom to be processed or developed…do you remember those days?  I loved seeing views of what the darkroom looked like as it developed a negative.  The colors were quite different than the actual
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#MMSProject52 week WHAT???

My PROJECT #MMSProject52 is coming along…great!!!  My how time is flying by.   I haven’t even had time to blog because I’m really wrapped up with it!   You know, I love surprises and surprising.  Check out this one that I am working on!  Don’t judge me TOO harshly, yet, it’s not finished! Update:  my
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I did not realize Frisco has so many sculptures, statues and public art.  This place is amazing.  The culture and growth are superior.  Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Craig Hall, developer of Hall Office Park.  He is a collector of art (I’m hoping someday he will own a “milessa”).  Hall Office Park
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Frisco Arts Kickoff Party

  Frisco Arts held a cocktail party to kick off their 20th anniversary.  It was hosted by Craig Hall at Hall Office Park, and guests included 3 Frisco mayors, councilmen, city leaders, original Frisco Arts board members…along with MMS and hubbs! Many of you know that I began a project at the beginning of the
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Busy Weekend Ahead

  MMS Project 52:2 has just been finished, thank goodness because this weekend is ARTOPIA!  I will probably be the oldest artist there, LOL!  But hey, an artist’s soul has no age.  So it be.  I will be painting live…a nude, but she doesn’t really show any private parts…it will be fun!  I hope to
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First Week of MMS Project 52!

I’ve been planning this project for over a year…and the first week is exciting!  For those that don’t know about it, let me explain.  MMS Project 52 will be a painting a week of a sculpture.  It may be abstracted, photo realism, surreal or impressionistic. I started my weekly project with the beautiful and very large red sculpture right off the Dallas
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Artopia 2016

6th Annual Artopia

Yeah!  I was chosen to be an exhibiting artist at ARTOPIA!  Saturday, January 16, 2016 from 8PM-11PM at Centennial Hall at Fair Park. Artopia is a celebration of Dallas Culture & Art that incorporates food, drink, art, music and fashion into one evening. This one-night fete celebrates the exciting, vibrant Cultural scene in Dallas. It’s
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Exhibit; Life: Putting the Pieces Together

Thanksgiving, Exhibit, Christmas…now New Year!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ve was so busy getting ready for my exhibit at the Frisco Discovery Center that time got a way from me.  My show was on November 28th and was very successful.  A portion of my proceeds was to benefit a charity.  I am happy to announce $2,500.00 dollars
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The Count Down Begins!

It’s ONE MONTH and counting down until my solo art exhibit at the Frisco Discovery Center.  It’s been a year that has rushed by so fast!  I have painted up a storm and haven’t been posting them because I want the exhibit to be like Christmas.  I’m like Momma Bear waiting for all her cubs
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