Birthday present for Daddy!

The ole ranch wagon, oil painting for my Dad!

The ole ranch wagon, oil painting for my Dad!

Last week was my Father’s 78th birthday.  We met in Hico, Texas, where Billy the Kid supposedly lived until he died in the 1960’s.  He had another name he lived by, of course, “Brushy Bill” but all the data indicates that he was the real deal!  My Dad wrote a book about him years ago and I painted Billy the Kid for the cover for of it…my how time flies!

Well, this painting is of a wonderful, very old but original wagon in a field right in front of my dad’s ranch house.  It’s seen better days and is starting to really show age now.  I thought it would be nice to capture it in an oil painting and present it to him for his special day.

But I also finished another painting this last week, as well –

oil, 9x12 on canvas board

oil, 9×12 on canvas board

You may remember, last month I went to Mexico, took my WMO’s with me so that I could paint plein aire, but I was unable to finish this piece.  Luckily, we can capture the essence of a moment with our trusty iPhone’s…not so sure my memory would have captured it that well…what did we do without them?  Except for the camera, I would “kinda” like to know!  LOL!

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