What is #MMSProject52?

Art inspired by ART!!!  The #MMSProject52 began as a yearlong painting project in 2016 of public art sculptures.  I have painted them abstracted, photo realistic, surreal and/or impressionistic!  Twenty-four (24) of them to be exact!

I’m blessed to live in the city of Frisco where there is an abundance of public art.  Painting is my profession, so my translation of “sculpture” would need to be a 2-D artistic perspective.  You may ask why?  Like many others, I don’t always see the intent or the beauty of a piece of very large metal.  I needed to “get up close and personal” to the sculptures to see if I could find something that “moved” me.

So…I painted what moved me!  My hope is that the public will view my paintings and ask “where is this sculpture?” that way they may want to get to know the art better.   These artists have worked hard to create these works and many of us pass by them daily without a second thought or glance.

My first painting began with the very large RED sculpture right off the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco, Texas, at Hall Office Park.   RED is my favorite color, so I was naturally drawn to this one.  Around the sculpture are a few other sculptures of “people” sitting and looking up and another group standing around.  This concept is exactly what I wanted to convey in my paintings…people around art, enjoying it, maybe even getting inspiration from it.   People need ART!