Art friends, critiques, challenges…

Oil, 30x40

Mother’s of Pearl, 30×40, Oil

My friend and fellow artist, Lanette Scherr and I challenge each other from time to time with like art projects.  This is a way of motivating the other.  Its all in fun.  She recently challenged me to an abalone…this is my version.  I can’t wait to see hers.  She is a great abstract artist.

Critique’s can be a means to “challenge”, as well…but for me they can turn into “not fun” fast.  Critiques are certainly a “challenge”.  Do you honestly tell someone you don’t like it, or they “suck”?  No!  Art is subjective, but a good critique in my opinion is…point out what you like about it first, then see what the piece lacks.  In “lacking”, that means…color values, strength of characters, failing to bring forth an emotion, is there a center of interest?  Deal with what the artist has created…don’t try to recreate “their” piece of art into your vision.

The technique of critiquing, I believe is an “art” within itself.  It’s a very hard job.  Many years ago, I belonged to a group of artists in San Angelo, Texas, called The Seven’s.  I was the “Seventh” artist.  Our monthly meetings were to “critique” each of the other six (professional artist members) pieces of art they created that month.  It taught me a lot about art, a lot about how to verbalize a critique to be meaningful and helpful and it taught me new art techniques…I was like a sponge.  I was the youngest member by 25 years…they had a lot more years of experience than I!  However,  I was fortunate that Vernell Leach (professional and signature member of  SWS) was adamant that I be voted into their exclusive group.  I believe that her diligence and belief in me has sustained me all these many years since her passing.  She and I were soul mates…kindred spirits…best of friends…family!

I owe a lot to my artist friends and family for their encouragement!  If I don’t say “thank you” enough…let me say it now…THANK YOU!

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